Further shop research

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Competitors shop report

Whilst in London I also completed some Whistles competitor research, looking at Reiss, Hobbs NW3 and Jigsaw. I found the shopping experience in all the stores quite different to Whistles;

Reiss – Nice layouts and inspiring mannequins, but very hot instore and poor lighting.

Hobbs NW3 – Lovely displays and garments instore, lovely environment to shop within.

Jigsaw – Very helpful service, nice layout within store, large selection of knitwear, lighting could have been better.

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Whistles shop report

Below are images from a shop report that I completed in late October 2013. I found the shop inspiring to be within, with urban styled mannequins and strong visuals from POS around the store. I feel that it was a modern environment to shop within with good lighting and music that was not to loud for customers. The stores had strong layout with  a concept feel to it. I visited the Dover street flagship, St Christopher’s place, Covent Garden and the Molton Street store.


IMG_5679 IMG_5682 IMG_5680 IMG_5675 IMG_5674 IMG_5662 IMG_5640 IMG_5639 IMG_5637 IMG_5635 IMG_5633 IMG_5632 IMG_5631 IMG_5630 IMG_5629 IMG_5627 IMG_5625 IMG_5624 IMG_5615 IMG_5600 IMG_5599 20140125-111653.jpg 20140125-111615.jpg (Images below)

Uniqlo X Celia Birtwell


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Last month Uniqlo unveiled it’s collaboration with Celia Birtwell, she used her archives of beautiful prints to create this lovely collection with the Japanese label. Birtwell became widely known in the 60’s when she worked with her then husband Ossie Clark as a textile designer. Birtwell’s most recent collaboration was with Topshop in 2006 which was a huge sell out. I never managed to get hold of a piece of the Topshop collab and so need to get my hands on a piece from this collection, I just cant decide between the shirt, culottes or trousers and I wish the totes were not sold out, as they looked so cute also!

Uniqlo X Celia Birtwell